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MODIS L2 cloud optical products python visualizations

The Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) level-2 (L2) cloud product (earth science data set names MOD06 and MYD06 for Terra and Aqua MODIS, respectively) provides pixel-level retrievals of cloud top properties (day and night pressure, temperature, and height) and cloud optical properties (optical thickness, effective particle radius, and water path for both liquid water and ice cloud thermodynamic phases-daytime only). The following page presents a collection of source codes wri

How to read a MODIS HDF4 file using python and pyhdf ?

Simple example about how to read a MODIS HDF file using python and the [pyhdf]( library (Note: To download automatically a MODIS granule on your local repertory, see [Download MODIS granule HDF files from lads using python](/Codes/Download-MODIS-granule-HDF-files-from-lads-using-ftp-and-python/)): Note 1: the following tutorial has been written with python 2.7. To migrate the code to python 3.+, it is necessary to replace the print statement by a print fun


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