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Groups improve collaborations between research teams:

(Content) User Guide

Input contents can be formatted using markdown and simple syntaxes. The following points present the most frequent questions to format text content:

An image can be added in the text using the syntax

[image: size: caption:]


  • image is the unique url adress
  • size (optional) is the % image page width (between 10 and 100%)
  • and caption (optional)

A external or internal link can be created using the syntax:


External link example article de wikipedia:

[article de wikipedia](

Internal link example Link


Content can be organized using headers:

# title lvl 1
## title lvl 2
### title lvl 3

To add a table of content, just write in the text:


where you want the table of content to be displayed.

A table can be created using the following syntax:

header  |  header 
------------- | -------------
 text  |  text 
 text  |  text
header header
text text
text text