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Never in all their history have men been able truly to conceive of the world

(Content) User Guide

Input contents can be formatted using markdown and simple syntaxes. The following points present the most frequent questions to format text content:

An image can be added in the text using the syntax

[image: size: caption:]


  • image is the unique url adress
  • size (optional) is the % image page width (between 10 and 100%)
  • and caption (optional)

A external or internal link can be created using the syntax:


External link example article de wikipedia:

[article de wikipedia](

Internal link example Link


Content can be organized using headers:

# title lvl 1
## title lvl 2
### title lvl 3

To add a table of content, just write in the text:


where you want the table of content to be displayed.

A table can be created using the following syntax:

header  |  header 
------------- | -------------
 text  |  text 
 text  |  text
header header
text text
text text